As part of our transparency culture, this page was created to let you know how we make money.
Our Main Aim is to provide you with useful content on products in the market. We are not funded by any Company, and in order to keep this website running, we have mapped out strategies to generate revenue and maintain a healthy cash flow.
Our Strategies have been implemented in such a way that it doesn’t affect your overall experience with us. Your experience with our site matters a lot , and your satisfaction is our top priority.

How We Make Money

Our website is monetized in the following ways:
1. Product Sales
2. Display Advertisement
3. Sponsored Content

Currently, we do not sell personal products, however , we help online merchants such as Jumia & Konga sell their products and we get a certain percentage of each sale we refer (Usually between 1 – 12% of each sale). This system is called “Affiliate Marketing“.
Please be aware that buying with our affiliate link DOES NOT COST YOU EXTRA CHARGES. The price of each product is still the same. The only thing is that Online Merchants will pay us when you buy a product on their website with our affiliate link.
These are the merchants we are affiliated to:
• Jumia Nigeria
• Konga Online Shopping
• Amazon Online Shopping
• Aliexpress Online Shopping
• (Webhost)

We are part of an advertising program called “Google Adsense“. This program allows different advertisers to place banner ads on our website without contacting us directly. Each time you click on an ad, we get a certain amount of money which varies per click. This term is called “Cost Per Click (CPC) “.
In addition, we sometimes get direct advert request from Advertisers, and we place their ads on our website. If you’re an advertiser looking for more publicity for your brand, feel free to partner with us.

Sometimes, Advertisers pay us to publish their content on our site. This system is called “Sponsored Content“.

What We Spend Our Money On

Just like every business, we have some bills to pay. Here is what we spend some of our revenue on:
• Content Development
• WebHosting
• Email List

Content development involves a lot of process that cost money. We spend some of our revenue on paying for internet connection, fueling the generator when there’s no power supply, amongst other expenses.


As a result of the present and future high traffic we need a powerful web server. Our files are hosted on


We use Email Autoresponder Software to send the latest updates to our email subscribers. We’re on a pay as you go plan which varies.

This page will be updated whenever we implement a new strategy.